Here at Qalam Arts we pride ourselves on our sustainable and environmentally friendly art. Not only is our ethos to promote exciting artists to our clients, but also to promote an environmentally friendly way to enjoy art.

At Qalam Arts we believe that art would be nothing without the beauty of the environment we live in, artists take both their inspiration and tools from nature, so it is of utmost importance to us that we are giving back to nature, which has given us so much.

For example; We use 100% cotton canvases, meaning we are using only what nature gives us to highlight the beauty of the art. The cotton canvases also allow for more texture within the art, and are proven to last far longer than their polyester alternatives, with the earliest surviving cotton canvas painting dating back to 1410!

Our canvas frames are made from recycled paulownia wood, again making sure our art is both natural and sustainable.

Our clocks are made from MDF, so again are recycling nature. MDF also has no grain, which reduces the likelihood of splitting greatly; it is the beloved choice of many environmentally conscious consumers

Finally, all of our art is handmade. We do not use industrial tool, so as well as getting uniquely designed pieces, you know they are not effecting the environment.

We at Qalam Arts love our planet, and our art strives to make it a little more beautiful, not take any natural beauty away.