Bespoke Islamic Art


Steps for creating a bespoke piece

Bespoke Islamic Art

Here at Qalam Art, we believe that art should be personal and unique, this allows the customer to really make the most out of the fantastic artists we represent. This is why we offer a bespoke art service to our customers. This means the art can be tailored to your needs and preferences in a number of different ways.


Your Room

Choosing which room you want your unique Qalam Art to feature in, gives our artists a greater idea of where you will be viewing the work, and allows them to make sure it fits comfortably within its surroundings. Whether you want your piece located in a bedroom or a communal room, we can help. Please fill out the form to the left with details.


Select Your Islamic Verse or Caligraphy Text

Our calligraphers can bring any text to life, using bold forms, shapes and colours to bring you a unique piece of artwork. All you need to do is tell us what text you want to see. This may be something meaningful, or something you feel it important to look at every day, but you can be guaranteed that we will produce it with elegance and flair. Please fill out the form to the left with details.


Additional Information

To make your Qalam Art truly unique, it needs to be truly you. Any addition information you have to offer, we will accommodate, helping you to create your own unique expression. Please fill out the form on the left with details.


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