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Qalam Arts is a leading online community of independent and emerging artists. Offering original artwork and fine art prints, Qalam Arts ambition has always been to find and make talented individuals portray their feelings and emotions through different form of art.

Qalam Arts is made up of talented people who are original thinkers and who love a culture where innovation, creativity and results are valued. Since its inception in 2007, Qalam Arts has grown to be the largest online specialty retailer of high quality Islamic art, a position of strength that presents excellent opportunities for professional development and advancement for our employees. Qalam Arts is an ambitious ethical company, which presents a rare and exciting situation for our artists
With the principal of Qalam Arts modern and contemporary art we have found the best formula to bring you the finest Islamic Art. Islamic culture and tradition has been an imperative part of the owner’s lifestyle from a very young age. We've recently integrated International artist from across the globe as part of our ongoing effort to provide you with the freshest content and most comprehensive selection possible.
Our artists cover a very diverse skill set through different means of art itself. Arabic Calligraphy from the Arabian Gulf where the Islamic heritage started brings you fine detailed calligraphy which is purely unique in every sense.  We have young and talented individuals learning the different forms of art in the UK where most of their free time is dedicated to learning and producing good fine art.
Our artists also have a passion for photography, again the artists cover a wide span of the globe and it allows them to capture moments of Islamic Architecture.  Qalam Arts are intending to travel the Middle East, and some point early next year we also intend to introduce ourselves in the USA with our physical presence.  
You may know what art is right for you and your space... or you may need guidance to discover what you love. Either way, we've got all sorts of tools to help you explore, experiment and express yourself, and this is exactly why our artist are here to do.
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