About Us




We at Qalam Arts provide a platform for astounding Islamic home decor products. Having recently re-launched globally with our new owners, our sole purpose is to inspire and remind one another of the importance of prayers rather than the financial gain. We believe that your home is a natural extension of your identity and so should reflect your beliefs and values. That's why we go to some lengths to make contemporary Islamic Art more accessible by making it more affordable.

Qalam Arts specialise in Wall Art and Wall Decals designed by traditional Islamic artists who have many years of experience using both modern and traditional techniques. Alongside these, we also create many pieces in the digital form bringing Qalam Arts into the modern era. Our main aim is to portray and decorate every Muslim home with innovative and creative pieces at affordable prices.

We also specialise in Time Pieces that help emphasise the importance of time and how the value of time is greatly un-appreciated, as we must all learn how to live the life that time has given us. Elegant sculptures and vases are also a major part of Qalam Arts, as we believe a piece of art does not have to have a message put upon it, as the message is within the beauty of the piece.

Whether it be man, woman or child we create pieces that set a clear message for all to understand as we aim to help remind people how important prayer is. We all need to open our eyes and look within. Ask yourself “Are you satisfied with the life you're living?” Our artwork helps people seek the answer through the message of creativity.

We aim to provide the utmost quality with our art work as we currently have twelve highly skilled staff some of which work at off shore offices to help supply and create unique up market products which are available worldwide.

At Qalam Art we believe that art would be nothing without the beauty of the environment we live in, artists take both their inspiration and tools from nature, so it is of utmost importance to us that we are giving back to nature, which has given us so much. So you can rest assure that all of our stunning artwork is environmentally friendly.

At Qalam Art we take pride in allowing people to look at our artwork and see something within themselves.