Qalam Art exists so you can have the art you love. This means giving you easy access to incredible art images and top-notch craftsmanship. Because when you find art you love, you'll love your space more... and that's what it's all about. Islamic art is at its best with the artists that are dedicated to produce fine art. Arabic Calligraphy is to an extremely high standard world recognised calligraphers dedicate their skill and time to produce amazing calligraphy to enhance and create magical moments and memories for you.


We work with passion to bring you the world's largest Islamic art collection. Whatever your interest, your décor style, your inspiration – we're sure to have that piece you can't live without. Our Catalogues are filled with decorative art, fine art, abstract art, vector art, wall art, pop art, photography art all our collections are emphasised and illuminated with Islamic calligraphy and Islamic patterns. We believe art is dynamic, personal and connected to now, and the experience of buying and living with it should be too. Our artists have freed up there time to spend and get to know you so you can tell your own story by creating your own masterpiece with a bespoke art canvas.